Morning Coffee T016

I am back from a break. Hope you are doing swell. With no disrespect to Japanese Pop fans, in recent years I find myself listening to more and more Korean music. I think some of the reasons why I have gravitated away is I haven’t enough diversity in styles, voices, and production in Jpop as I have in Kpop. Now this is not to say that diversity doesn’t exist, I am just not finding it. However, there are lots of staples in Jpop I come running back and love to listen to. One of the songs I happen to like Hitomi Yaida‘s “Hitori Jenga.”

Mentioning “Hitori Jenga” definitely emphasizes that I have been listening to Jpop a long time as this song was released on the Air/Cook/Sky Album back in 2003. “Hitori Jenga” literally translates to Playing Jenga Alone.

Rough Translation of Lyrics (source: JpopAsia)

When the night ends, the city’s neon is passed rain
In my dark room, rainbow colored marbles shine

When I appear to be strong, I’m actually fragile
I want you this badly

I want to be with you, but I can’t
If we were together now, it would be too painful
The puzzle in my heart that isn’t enough
Collapses like jenga

There’s no medicine that will work for this, oh my doctor
I want to laugh, I want to believe, from the mire in the bottom of my heart

A razor marked with use
Can’t cut through the future

I want to be with you, but I can’t
Meeting now is a little scary
With the building blocks of words that I don’t need
I call out to the next maze

Oh my doctor
Are you my joker?
Oh my doctor

I’m in love, why is it so painful?

I want to be with you, but I can’t
Playing by myself isn’t over yet
In the puzzle in my heart that isn’t enough
Making a noise with you
And it collapses like jenga


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