Spotlight: Standing Egg (S. Korea)

Don’t get me wrong, there’s something about Korean Pop groups that are magnetic and appealing but seriously it is really frustrating to see that because of the highly funded and high crafted images/promotion/appearances of girl and boy bands you will not see a proper musical act – one that plays it’s own instruments, writes and has nice songs. It’s not to say these kind of acts don’t get some attention, but I wager the Hip Hop acts get more attention or specific acts like Clazziquai. Also, for the International fans of Korean – it’s not actually that easy to discover K-Indie unless someone else is mentioning groups – say like Eat Your Kimchi’s Simon and Martina. If you can speak and read Korean then you have an advantage and probably can discover more music outside of the mainstream offerings.

Recently, I was watching Simon and Martina’s show and got a recommendation to listen to Standing Egg Band. They sound fantastic and broke my K-Indie drought. If you end up liking Standing Egg check out their vocalist’s solo project “Clover”.

A little background information: Standing Egg is a mixed group consisting of Clover (vocalist), Hana (Djembe) and Han Kyul (double bass). Their sound is relaxed, breezy, and charming. They released their first single in April 2011, which consisted of three tracks.”La la la” was the first track released with an animated music video. It is a very upbeat and whimsical track. “사랑한다는 말” and “Kiss” are chill but possessive and meditative.

Vocalist Clover released his solo single “어느 파도” a couple months after their group release. Clover’s solo keeps a tether to the stylings of the band. However, Clover also does amazing covers, like my homestate’s Jason Mraz’s “I’m Yours.”

If you like what you here, you can buy their album off iTunes, here:


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