Morning Coffee T027

Back in late 90s and early 2000s, I had a mad love affair with Chinese Actor/Singer Nicholas Tse’s movies and music. My favorite song performed by him is Perfume from his 2001 album The Prophecy.

Here’s a translation of the song:

Composer: Sandee Chan (陳珊妮) (陈珊妮)
Lyricist: Sandee Chan (陳珊妮) (陈珊妮)

The wind blowing against my face
I don’t have any choice in refusing it
You are a moment that never grinds to a halt
The bigger the world
I only request one thing
I am no better than one of your fingertips

The stronger you love, it is a parabola
You get closer again
You’re just letting my feelings down

I have already gotten used to
Your branded perfume smell
Your promise
Cheaply floats around my ear
I have already gotten used to
Your fascinating perfume smell
It is only affection
It casually and slowly scatters
And gradually disappears

Your smell
If it can remain a little bit
I can more or less keep in mind the feeling of sweetness
Your smell
If it is blowing against my face
At least I still can guess how far happiness is away


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