Morning Coffee 030

I have been digging Willy for some time, even before he got a little bump of attention through a not-so-long ago Apple commercial. Willy’s style and aesthetics definitely seems to be a retro-inspired culture mash that blends retro rock-n-roll with modern sensibilities. What you end up with is a blend of styles and image that […]

My Favorite Japanese Rock Songs (Part I)

A lot of these are a bit old. Late 90s, early 00s, etc. ============ Luna Sea ============ Gravity Rosier ============ Pierrot ============ Smiley Skeleton Psychedelic Lover 壊れていくこの世界で Shinkei ga Wareru Atsui Yoru ============ Due’le Quartz ============ Jisatsu Ganbou Re:plica Manji Karame ============ Kagrra, ============ Utakata Rin Omou Urei Haru Urara ============ L’arc en Ciel ============ […]